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                                            Technical Information


Name   Ocean Diamond      
ex. Names   Le Diamant, Song of Flower,  Explorer Starship, Begonia      
Imo Number   7325629      
Call sign   C6ZR5      
Flag   Bahamas      
Homeport   Nassau      
Builder   Kristiansands Mekaniske Verksted AS , Norway      
Hull number   220      
Operator   Iceland ProCruises      
Owner   Explorer Partners Ltd      
Manager   Cruise Management International, Inc.      
Length OA   124.19 m      
Length BP   114.61 m      
Length LL          
Length Reg.          
Width Ext          
Width Hull   16.0 m      
Width Tonnage          
Draft   4.98 m      
Air draft          
Draugth   8.3 m      
Main engines   2x Wärtsila Wichmann WX 28 V10      
Propulsion    2x CP Propellers @ 270 rpm, 4 Bladed      
Power   2x 2,751 kW = 5502 kW      
Aux. Engines   saft. gen 2x 1,600 kW  1x Wichmann WX 28 V8  1800 kW      
    1x Mercedes Benz OM 422, AEG 200 KVA      
Bow thrusters   1x 272 kW Rubinents FP Thruster fwd      
Stern Thrusters          
Speed   16 knots      
Stabilizers   2x Denny Brown Fin Stabilizers (P/S)      
Fuel Consumption   16 knots on 23 mt / day      
Ballast   350 m3      
Fuel   572 m3      
Fresh Water   450 m3      
Passenger decks 7      
Cargo decks   0      
Decks   8      
Passenger elevators   2      
Lifeboats   2+1      
Liferafts   8      
GT  (ITC 69)   8282      
NT  (ITC 69)   2676      
DWT   1575      
Displacement Tonnage        
Classification Company Bureau Veritas      
Classification     Hull  Mach
Passenger ship Unrestricted navigation
Ice class   1 D