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Building contract  
Start of Production  
Keel laid  
31/3/1979 Launch  
9/6/1979 Delivered to Partrederi C B Myrsten, Slite , Sweden  
14/6/1979 Viking Line service Stockholm - Mariehamn - Turku route.  
9/1979 New name Diana II  
30/6/1979 Kapellskär -Mariehamn - Naantali route.  
Build more cabins on deck 4  
12/1992 Charter to TR-Line  
24/12/1992 Last day on Viking Line service.  
30/12/1992 Trelleborg - Rostock route  
13/1/1993 Lost part of bowvisor in storm  
6/1994 Sold to Stabilo Maritime Ltd ( Nordström & Thulin )  
26/9/1994 Laid up at Rostock after charter to TR-Line ended. New name Vironia.  
10/1994 Rebuild in Naantali. New name Mare Balticum.  
11/11/1994 Est Line service Tallinn - Stockholm rroute.  
6/1996 Ended service on Tallinn -Stockholm route.  
6/1996 Build new bow doors. Laid up.  
18/9/1996 New name Meloodia  
20/9/1996 Charter to Hansatee Shipping Oy. Tallink service on Tallinn - Helsinki route .  
7/2/2002 Sold to Tallink Swedish Line Ldt.  
27/12/2006 Charter to Eurolineas Maritimas S.A  
5/1/2007 Voyage from tallinn to Barcelona  
16/1/2007 Balearis service Barcelona - Menorca - Ibiza route.  
26/2/2007 Valencia - Palma route  
21/5/2007 Barcelona - Mahon route.  
15/11/2007 Sold to Equinox Offshore Accommodation Ltd, Singapore  
7/12/2007 Delivered to new owner. New name ARV1 , Bahamas flag.  
1/2008 Rebuild by Sembawang Shipyard, Singapore to offshore accommodation vessel.  
3/2011 Portugal flag.  
24/3/2011 Charter to OPS Servicos De Producao De Petroleos, Ltd  
4/2011 Operate in Angola coast  
11/2011 Owner Eoal Cyprus ARV1 Ltd  
11/2011 Arrived to Gibraltar after ending of charter. Laid up.  
10/2013 Sold to Highclere Ltd, Cayman Island. Marshall Islands flag. New name Bluefort.  
10/2013 Arrived to Napoli.  
16/6/2015 Sold to Bridgemans Services.  Rebuild at Napoli.