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Building contract  
Start of Production  
4/12/1957 Keel laid  
22/2/1958 Launch  
30/5/1958 Delivered to Wyker Dampfschiffsreederei Föhr-Amrum, Wyk auf Föhr, W.Germany  
6/1958 Dagebüll - Wyk - Amrum route and sometimes to Helgoland route.  
1968 Charter to Havrue – Linie, Malmö - Copenhagen route.  
1968 New name Uthlande.  
20/5/1970 Sold to Flensburger Personenschiffahrt GmbH, Flensburg, Germany. New name Moby Dick.  
1970 Cruises on Flensburg fjord.  
11/11/1970 Sold to KG Seetouristik GmbH & Co., Flensburg, W.Germany  
winter 1973 Winter charter to Förde Reederei GmbH  
19/4/1975 Sold to Förde Reederei GmbH, Flensburg, W.Germany.  
1976 New name Moby Dick I  
1/4/1986 Charter to Nordsee Touristik Potratz& Co., Cuxhaven  
1987 Sold to Transnavio Schiffsfahrts GmbH & Co. Bremen, W.Germany.  
1987 New name Puerto Rico, Spain flag. Operated on Canary Islands.  
1989 New name Puerto Mogan  
1990 Sold to Lineas Turisticas de Gran Canaria S.A. , Las Palmas , Spain. New name Puerto Rico.  
1993 Sold to  Reederei Böttcher , Lübeck  
1993 Cruises from Travemünde and from Warnemünde.  
1994 Sold to TSVG Schiffahrt, Lübeck, Germany  
1995 Sold to  Reederei Böttcher , Lübeck, Germany  
2000 Rebuild  
2005 Rebuild interior