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Building contract  
Start of Production  
18/8/1969 Keel laid  
6/5/1970 Delivered to Waxholms Ångfartygs AB, Vaxholm, Sweden  
5/1970 Operate in Stockholm archipelago  
1992 Sold to Jönköping Kommun, Sweden. New name Tingley  
1993 Rebuild  
20/5/1993 Gränna - Visingsö route.  
2/1/2012 Sold to Trafikverket, färjerederi, Vaxholm, Sweden. Continue same route.  
23/9/2013 Laid up at Fridhems varv, Lysekil, Sweden.  
14/1/2014 New name Nordan.  
9/2015 Sold to  Ingmarsö Sjötjänst AB, Sweden.  
5/2016 Few days charter to Waxholmbolaget.