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                                            Technical Information


Name   Mein Schiff 5      
ex. Names          
Imo Number   9753193      
Call sign          
Flag   Malta      
Homeport   Valletta      
Builder   Meyer Turku OY, Turku, Finland      
Hull number          
Designer   Wilson Butler Architects, CM Design, Tillberg Design      
Operator   TUI Cruises      
Owner   TUI Cruises GmbH      
Manager   TUI Cruises GmbH      
Length OA   293.2 m      
Length BP   272.8 m      
Length LL   273.06 m      
Length Reg.          
Width Ext   42.3 m      
Width Hull   35.8 m      
Width Tonnage          
Draft   8.272 m      
Air draft          
Draugth   11.2 m      
Main engines   2x Wärtsilä 12V46F 2x Wärtsilä 8L46F      
Propulsion    2x ABB      
Power   28000 kW      
Aux. Engines          
Bow thrusters          
Stern Thrusters          
Speed   21,7 knots      
Fuel Consumption          
Ballast   2,168.2 m3      
Fresh Water          
Passenger decks 12      
Cargo decks   0      
Decks   15      
Passenger elevators   10      
Lifeboats   16 + 2 FRB      
GT  (ITC 69)   99,526      
NT  (ITC 69)   63,078      
DWT   7,900      
Displacement Tonnage        
Classification Company DNVGL  Det Norske Veritas      
Classification    * 1A1 Passenger ship BIS Clean F(M) Fuel(991 kg/m3,
-7 °C, 380 cSt) LCS(DC) TMON
Ice class